The Mirrored Hall

A collection of reflections on absurdity and cognitive dissonance in the modern world. Available in print or E-book on Amazon.



An imaginative retelling of the Syrian refugee crisis reset in Ancient Rome. Available online at Et.Cetera or in print through Noesis. 



A dialogical monograph on the Trinity, Cosmology and Freewill. Forthcoming with Cascade Books, Wipf and Stock. 

Being and



"Being and Time-less Faith: Juxtaposing Heideggerian Anxiety and Religious Faith." Forthcoming with Open Theology 6 (2020). 



An interview with Jonathan about the 'New Trinitarian Ontologies' conference he co-founded at Cambridge. Available Here

A forthcoming, full-length novel about a barren woman in the ancient Middle East, wrestling with motherhood, doubt and meaning.


Jonathan Lyonhart is a writer, philosopher and minister. After spending five years working as a full-time pastor of a Chinese immigrant community in Vancouver, Jonathan moved to the UK to begin doctoral work at the University of Cambridge. His PhD is in Philosophy of Religion, focusing on Early Modern philosophies of space, particularly in More, Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza and Berkeley. He and his wife Madison live in the UK together with their twin boys, Søren and Augustine.



Jonathan's talk opening the New Trinitarian Ontologies Conference at Cambridge, Day 2. 

Jonathan's talk on the Existence of God, given at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, 2019.

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